November 28, 2023


One of the most beautiful things in the world is to see different animals interact with each other.

Even visually dissimilar animals can have a special and unique bond with each other, and when it comes to horses, everyone shows that they are one of the most sociable animals in the world.

We have seen horses make friends with many species, whether wild or domesticated.

In the video below you can see the direct connection between the horse and the dog.

Both animals, especially those living in the same stable, show a lot of love.

They are both very similar in character, which is probably why their connections are usually momentary.

This example is no exception. What’s more cute than seeing two completely different species of animals make friends and interact with each other?

This little puppy, named the French Bulldog, roamed Wall Street in New York with his owner when he encountered a fairly large police horse.

Police are working in the area over protests against the Occupy Wall Street, and slowly people are beginning to notice the interaction between the French Bulldog and the horse.

In fact, they could even attract a small crowd. It’s an amazing display of love and cuteness that you really need to see for yourself.

“I saw this on my way back to the office from lunch, which was in contrast to everyone’s perception of the New York Police Department in the area because of the nearby Occupy Wall Street camp,” the video explains.

The adorable French Bulldog was dying to hang out with his new friend and stared at him in awe.

You can absolutely say that the French Bulldog is excited and wants to play while jumping and running around.

Police horse, on the other hand, is much more calm, but he can certainly understand the behavior of his new four-legged friends. Please take a look at the video and let us know what you think.