November 28, 2023


Donald Dickerson’s dog is his stylish companion and is ready to give up almost anything for him.

“I know I’m loved because he looks at me every day.” I named him Dude because he is my friend.

“We have a very close bond,” Dickerson said of his friendship with Dude. According to Fox8, their bond became stronger as homeless people grew over time.

“He was with me,” said Dickerson, who spends day and night with his dog at a campsite in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The trick is that if this guy gives up on Duud, he can pick a better roof. “Then I decided to give up to spend more time with my dog.”

“I once had a place to live and wanted to take my dog ​​with me,” said Dickerson, homeless and in dire circumstances, his bruised knee for a long time was very painful for him.

“It’s terrible. I have to go up and down this hill every day.” Dickerson is now undergoing partial surgery to remove dogs knee, but it was scheduled for a few months.

It was necessary, but the squeaker told him he couldn’t do the surgery yet.

“When he found out I was homeless, they told me that someone had to go out and take care of me, so I had to put it off until I found a place to live.

” Couldn’t find a suitable home for himself or the young Duud.

. But that didn’t stop him from doing his best. “I can’t give up.

” He answered with firm determination.


Dickerson is willing to give up surgery if he says goodbye to his dog.

“If I had to remain homeless, I would continue to suffer without surgery,” she says.

* This is necessary because they see others more than themselves,” said Lane Miller, who was truly touched by Miller’s burn.

Meeting Dickerson every day on his way to work on Wendover Avenue, Miller became friends with him.

“I’m about to see this gentleman for the last time.

Through the mask, I could see his smile — OK, and that’s probably what did it for me “Miller went out to a number of organizations and agencies in the hopes of receiving assistance.

“I was scared because he didn’t have a place to go,” she explained, “but he was authorized for surgery, so I started reaching out and I ran into a lot of stumbling blocks.”

The Triad Volunteer Center is currently working with other organizations to help Dickerson and Duuda find permanent residency.

Waiting for that day to come, the man said, “If it wasn’t for (friend), I would have given up. But even if I don’t have surgery or don’t have a home, I won’t give up, so I’ll do it.”