December 9, 2023


Dogs are animals that define friendship and loyalty more than humans.

It can give unconditional love that many feel and enjoy.

Their good qualities make them ideal companions for bringing a lot of love and joy, and for that reason they deserve the same. But when they get sick or get old, some of their owners take them to shelters, where they are killed or left alone.

In the worst case, some owners throw their pets down the street.

According to 2011 statistics from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, more than 2.6 million dogs and cats have been euthanized in shelters in the United States, although the number has declined to about 1.5 million in recent years. , Not everything is done. To make it better.


Thanks to people like 46-year-old Nicola Coyle who can’t stand such cruelty, there is an opportunity to reduce the number of dogs and cats on the streets. She actually set up a hospice in her home and decided to take her sick and abandoned dog.

She is a retired nurse and she attends many charities such as animal shelters. Currently she is rescuing a dog that is too old and sick.

After running the Gray Muzzle Dog Hospice Project from her home for several years, she made it an official project last year.

She has two dogs at the same time, and with the help of her children, she loves and cares for them like no one ever.

She pays close attention to dogs, snuggling up, offering ice cream muzzles, dog treats, steak dinners, and allowing them to go to pubs and birthday parties.

According to Nicola, she enjoys every moment, even if it’s an absolutely painful job. She and her children ensure that the dogs they adopt spend their last days, weeks or months with the love they deserve.

Each of these dogs has a different story, but Nicole believes that most dying dogs are abandoned by their owners. They are mostly left behind because their owners do not want to pay expensive veterinary bills, or because they are no longer considered useful as “working dogs”.

Her gratitude is recognized by all the charities she regularly supports because she loves and cares for her most desperate dogs. Medical costs, bucketlists, transportation, parties, treats, travel and supplies cost around £ 500 per dog. This comes from her savings and fundraising to her project. She buries dead dogs in the backyard yard. She says 20 dogs are buried in her yard and her parents’ yard.

Some dogs stay much longer than expected, but she always keeps them for as long as the dog lasts.

For many dogs, her birthday is unknown, but she confirms that all dogs have a birthday party at home. She also takes them to the sea for a day, they can get fish, chips and ice cream on the beach.

Nicola is grateful to her children Harry (14) and Olivia (15), and her friend Lisa Emance for their generous support. According to Joanne Snaith of Helping Yorkshire Poundies, Nicola does a great job of rescuing a dog expelled by her owner.

She is also amazed at her work on the Grey Muzzle project, as she knows how difficult it is to save endless hard work. In addition, Nicola must face emotional limits with all dogs.

The death of a dog is a tragic experience that not everyone receives, but this brave woman chose to experience it many times. She is, in fact, happy to know that the abandoned dog has spent the last days of her life to the fullest.