November 28, 2023


A German shepherd can be seen fiercely guarding a live lobster in a viral video that has media outlets in awe of the “protective” dog trying to “rescue” her “lobster companion” from becoming dinner.

However, a dog trainer told The Huffington Post that everyone had entirely misunderstood the footage.

She is aware that the lobster is not her pet dog.

It is essentially a living piece of food, according to an expert dog trainer and owner of Our Gang Pet Services in New Jersey, Andrea Kilkenny.

Sami, the dog visible in the video, is attempting to keep humans and another dog from obtaining the lobster, according to Kilkenny.

This is known as “resource guarding” in dog speak, according to Kilkenny.

She is not safeguarding it from harm. According to Kilkenny, “resource guarding” is when a dog makes an effort to prevent other animals or people from taking something that the dog views as valuable.

According to her, dogs will occasionally guard food, toys, or sleeping areas in a similar manner.

                                                                                                                                    Credit: Sukamehdeek
Kilkenny expressed worry that things might have gotten dangerous as well. 

Though Sami showed “quite good self-control,” she saw that such guarding behavior might escalate into anger when someone tries to take the object away.

According to Kilkenny, the second dog in the room “exacerbated” the predicament.

She also emphasized the moment when Sami raises her lip and flashes her second canine.


The best course of action for handling a dog exhibiting guarding behavior can vary depending on the dog’s temperament and training, according to Kilkenny.

She pointed out that clearing the area of other dogs is a crucial first step.

She told HuffPost, “Dogs will guard something because there is pressure from another species.

Kilkenny also emphasized the significance of becoming familiar with canine behavioral indicators.

We adore pets, she remarked. “It always interests me how people are unable to comprehend the actions of a species with which they coexist.

More people becoming knowledgeable about animal behavior will lead to more harmonious interactions.