November 28, 2023


Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiancé decided they wanted to introduce a puppy into their home one day. They knew Lana was the appropriate dog for them the moment they met her. But what they didn’t realize was how huge Lana’s heart was. Lana immediately captivated the Brazilian couple when they met her at their local animal shelter in July 2017. She was just 8 months old, yet she had lived the majority of her life as a stray.

Nonetheless, she was both nice and gregarious. Lana adjusted quickly when she returned home, soaking up all the love the couple had to offer. She also adored her new fenced-in backyard, where she could run around freely and safely.


Lana, on the other hand, seemed to have remembered what it was like to live on the street. Even from her privileged vantage point, she had enough empathy to aid a stray puppy that wasn’t so fortunate. In Brazil, it’s usual to leave dogs outside at night, and Lana had her own dog home out back.

Suelen decided to get a lovely, thick blanket for the pup for frigid evenings to keep him warm. Lana dragged it right back out after she installed it in the dog house and went back inside to sleep. However, not for the reason you may think. Suelen’s fiancé went outside the next morning to check on Lana and saw the blanket had been pushed near the fence, with some of it protruding into the sidewalk. The snapshot they took of the kind gesture (which has since been removed) is positively heartwarming: “I thought, ‘How amazing what she did for her friend,’” Suelen told The Dodo. “My favorite four-legged friend taught me a vital lesson: generosity!”


Suelen approached the dog to see whether it had an ID tag, but it bolted before she could reach it. Because they are frequently neglected and mistreated, street dogs are often afraid of humans. Suelen stated that she has seen the same dog around her neighborhood several times, but it always runs away before she can get close. Suelen chose to help the puppy after following Lana’s lead. She started putting water and food out for it. “When Lana saw her friend was homeless and freezing, she didn’t hesitate to share the blanket.” Suelen stated, “She took it to the fence and offered a piece to her friend.” “They’re on opposite sides of the fence, yet they’re both warm.”

Can a dog be more understanding and reasonable than us… Yes! How many times do we pass by someone in need and disregard them? Pretending you didn’t notice doesn’t solve the problem, but it creates the false impression that it doesn’t exist.”