November 26, 2023


Do you recall when you were younger and you were barred from participating in all of your favorite activities? For example, do you want to eat a lot of unhealthy food but your parents won’t let you since it’s bad for you? The same thing is done with pets, albeit it is probably more complicated. It is quite tough to persuade an animal that they should not engage in a given behavior.

Horse owners spend a lot of time explaining to them why it is bad or hazardous, and sadly, not all of these animals are intelligent enough to grasp it, so they may repeat it straight after or in the future. After all, finding the ideal pet is impossible.

When we examine all of the advantages and emotional fulfillment that we get from spending time with them, we need also consider the reality that it comes with a lot of duties. This is the situation with the dog in the following video. After a humorous video of her following racehorses during a training session was compared to the famous viral dog, Fenton, a whippet was forced to wait in the car.

Bobby, two, sat next to her owner’s stepfather, thoroughbred trainer Jamie Osborne, as he watched the horses from his yard in Lambourn, West Berkshire, head up the gallops for their morning workout. Despite urgent appeals from Jamie, 54, as he gazed on in astonishment at 6 a.m. yesterday, Bobby decided to join in on the run and made a wild rush to reach the horse in front.

Fortunately, Bobby and both horses and riders were safe, but the footage was soon likened to the humorous viral film of Fenton, a Labrador, chasing deer across Richmond Park in London in 2011 while owner Max Findlay watched on in fear. Without a doubt, Bobby learned a very useful lesson. Please watch the video below and tell us what you think.