November 28, 2023


This video of a dog walking for the first time in her wheelchair is pure pleasure. Her delight was palpable as she rushed about.

Her previous owners, according to the vet, abandoned her at the shelter following a tragic vehicle accident. It hurt her back and immobilized her legs.

Erica took Pigeon in and gave her a new lease on life. The wheelchair was the most obvious solution to her problem, but it was not as simple.

Pigeon’s leg problems initially prohibited her from utilizing a dog wheelchair. It took some time for them to examine that possibility. Pigeon’s wounds had to heal first before she could wear and utilize it comfortably.


It got to the point where Erica could see Pigeon was irritated because he couldn’t run as quickly as the other dogs. You can tell how hard she’s trying to keep up by how swiftly she drags her hind legs.

The day had finally come for Pigeon to test on her wheelchair. Erica purchased hers from Eddie’s Wheels for Pets, a reputable manufacturer. She had one created for her second dog, and it has changed her life.

She was clearly perplexed about what the wheelchair was meant to perform the day she brought it to Pigeon. Erica did it one step at a time until Pigeon could feel and utilize the wheelchair. The way she rushed around shows her joy and pleasure!

She fell in love with it right away. Pigeon simply carried on with her rendition of zoomies. It was very amazing.

Pigeon has enjoyed riding her wheelchair around their yard with the other dogs ever since. She gets giddy anytime Erica mentions her “chair” or asks her if she wants to go on a walk. Even before he had a wheelchair, Pigeon was a bouncy ball of fur.

But now that she had one, she was able to appreciate life even more. She’s overjoyed every time she gets on it, and riding in her wheelchair has become second nature to her.

“Most dogs do not take to their wheelchairs right away.” “It was incredible how Pigeon acted as if her chair was an extension of her body,” Erica added.

We wish Pigeon many more healthy and happy years because she deserves it! Below is a video of Pigeon running.

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