December 7, 2023


Workers at the tire repair shop on Estrada do Belmont in Porto Velho’s North Zone, Ozimar and Lindomar Queiroz, were taken aback in the middle of February when they showed up early for work. The reason for this was a stray dog at the side of the road. The fat, helpless animal couldn’t walk and had open paws.

Ozimar, also known as Galego, was sensitive to the dog’s plight and vowed to care for him until he was able to find someone to adopt him; however, 20 days have gone and the dog still lacks a stable home.
“He was thrown in front of the store. He was there when we got there early in the morning. We felt bad for him, so we brought him here and gave him food, but the poor animal is still stuck in that place. Due to the fact that his two front legs are turned back, he cannot walk at all “He claims:

The dog was given the endearing moniker Seal as a result of its placement on the board since it is immobile due to having both paws open.

The tire repairmen relocate the dog around a few times throughout the course of the day, but finally the canine resorts to dragging himself through the muck in order to socialize with the lone other animal present—a stray cat that ambles around the tire shop.

The dog is calm and requires veterinarian care, but Lindomar Queiroz said G1 that he could not afford it.

“Because of his appearance, we refer to him as a seal. He was really skinny when we got him, but now that we’re feeding him, he’s already becoming plump. He is filthy from the rain, but we don’t have to think about that here “so says Lindomar.


The dog’s desertion caused a stir on social media, and a Porto Velho couple have already adopted Foca.

The pit bull was cared for by the tire repair employees who discovered him on the road for over three weeks, providing him with food and water. He was given the name “Foca” at first, then Michele adopted him and gave him a new name for good.
“I fell in love with him right away. His predicament really affected me. Even more helpless than before, so gentle and kind. He made me fall in love,” the economics student admitted. I cherish him. I am at a loss for words. I adore him much. Mother’s sentiment