December 8, 2023


It’s wonderful to hear rescue stories, so today we would like to share one of them with you. The story about two adorable dogs rescued from a cardboard box will melt everyone’s heart. Scroll down to check out!

This all began when a man who worked in Dog Rescue Shelter noticed a cardboard box beside the road in Serbia. He stopped the car and approached the box to check what was in it. To his surprise, inside were two dogs who about three weeks old. The man checked around but found no sign of his mom or other dogs. It seemed like they were literally abandoned here by a cold-hearted owner.

How could someone leave behind two such adorable tiny animals? Sadly, they threw them away like garbage. Thank goodness, there are amazing, kind individuals who are prepared to save these animals and provide them with a second chance at life. Before bringing the famished puppies to the foster home, the rescuer made milk for them. They gave the female puppies here the names Meri and Mona.

They should have been nurtured for at least a month before adoption. The two puppies were given the best treatment and soon they would receive their first “puppy” vaccine for contagious diseases.

When they get two months old, they will be ready for finding a home. Fortunately, three months later they are adopted by a loving family where they receive care and love. They deserve to live a happy life. They become healthy and playful dogs.

Let’s follow their miraculous journey of change with care and love.

This is Meri. She is adopted by kind-hearted people.

She experiences a fantastic change seven months later. Mona now resides with her lovely, devoted parents. After seven months, do you still recognize Mona? Watch the heartwarming account of two cute dogs who are saved from a cardboard box here: