November 28, 2023


It took Alexei 15 minutes to get to the house, during which time he was completely lost in thought. To have a quiet evening, Alexei wanted to get home as soon as possible, turn on the movie, and order pizza. The homeless dog had very other plans for this occasion. The animal was outside the store, sheltering from the chilly rain under a little canopy. The dog was considering where to locate a dry shelter for the night when he suddenly noticed a guy passing by.

The dog decided to follow Alexei for unknown reasons even though he paid no attention to him at all. Perhaps the intuition told the dog that this person wouldn’t pursue her, or perhaps he felt the need to follow him. As Alexei listened to music and considered his plans for the evening, he was oblivious to the dog following him. The sun began to emerge in the sky as the rain gradually stopped.

Three blocks later, the man realized that he hadn’t been moving on his own the entire time. Aleksey checked his pockets, but nothing in them could be given to the animal.

Will you hold on while I go buy you something to drink? Just don’t run away, okay? the man added before leaving to go shopping. The dog actually patiently awaited the man and eagerly accepted the treat that was offered. After that, Alexey thought

The dog would eventually go away, but he continued to slowly pursue him.

The dog stopped near the entrance because she always lived on the street and was never allowed into the house. Inviting her in, Alexei opened the doors and held her.

the canine to enter. The dog had to desperately call for assistance in order to enter the entrance.

The dog climbed the stairs while trembling and froze in front of another door.

He had to summon all of his courage to enter the apartment, but as soon as he did, he realized that his journey had not been in vain.

Aleksey also realized that the dog had arrived for a reason just at his apartment.