November 25, 2023


No matter how happy dogs seem, they all need a loving home. In a gas station in Ukraine, a familiar smile greets patrons and motorists alike. But she’s not part of the gas station’s staff. In fact, she’s not even human.This small cream-and-beige mutt roams the area, greeting people as she asks for food, affection, or both.

She has always been fond of people and has only shown gentleness despite her condition.She’s a regular at the gas station. She walks around the parking lot where the trucks are. She frolics in front of the store where customers pass her by. And she plays on the grass field near the station.No one knew where she came from or if she was ever owned by someone at one point in her life. All the staff members know is that she has been there for a long time.

She even gave birth to puppies back then. This is how an animal rescuer met her. YouTube Channel Love Furry Friends posts videos of their rescue, especially abandoned and stray dogs. On their “about page”, the channel owner said that she’s just a dog lover who wanted to give dogs the home they deserve.The costs for procedures post-rescue are covered by her own money. She even arranges the adoptions herself free of charge. She said that she hopes her actions inspire change so that others can find it in their selves to spread love and care especially to animals in need. She was the perfect person for this little dog. The rescuer asked around the station to check the dog’s condition.

After learning that the dog was out there on her own, she decided to take the dog with her.Her gentle disposition and every playful nature were hard to miss, and it made her even more loveable. From here on, she’ll have the care and love she has always yearned for. Their first stop is the veterinarian’s office. The dog, now named Linda, was checked for parasites and fleas. The veterinarian also checked her general well-being and overall health.Their next stop is grooming. Being outside for a very long time, Linda’s fur is all bundled up and dirty. To prevent infection and other infestation on her skin, she underwent general grooming.