November 28, 2023


Gracie is a lovely 11 years old dog but when Mary Violante adopted the dog from a pet rescue organisation, she had no idea the dog would ever save someone’s life. That all came from a bark that Violante had never heard before. She didn’t know, it was Gracie’s way of telling her something was not right. Violante and Gracie live together in an independent community in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

In fact, Violante was chatting with one of her friends in the yard, however, it was hard to ignore Gracie’s persistent barking. Then Violante followed Gracie around the corner and passed some bushes before finding John Ball lying on the ground. Ball is a 92 years old blind man with health issues .He had fallen into the ground after losing his balance and was unable to stand. When Gracie saw him lying there, she immediately took action to get her owner’s attention. Violante quickly called 911 for the old man, but luckily he suffered only a few cuts on her arm and a bruise on her back.

There was no one in the yard other than Gracie, so if she had no help, who knows how long Ball would be there. It’s safe to say that little Gracie is a heroine and that her barks are finally useful. Ball showed appreciation for Gracie with a balloon, treats, and a thank you note that read, “Dear Gracie, thank you for the great emotion you made yesterday warning the humans I needed help: you are mine hero! Lassie would be so proud.

Get the price from the good neighbour. I am honoured to be your friend. Come see me from time to time, we find ourselves in barking conditions. Listen, Gracie! Your friend, John Ball. Gracie accepted his offer and the two became good friends, with Gracie visiting Ball regularly to check on him.