November 28, 2023


Officer Joe Brazil is always willing to help; in fact, he didn’t think twice about rescuing a helpless dog.On May 2, 2016, Peggy Edwards shared her story on Facebook, and it quickly went viral.The story was heartfelt, and it moved all of us.Joe, a police officer in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, played a significant role in her story.It all started when a vehicle scared away a lovely but nervous Yorkshire terrier.And the dog’s first instinct was to flee into a tunnel.

“On April 30th, a small dog was running around free when he was startled by a passing automobile.”It collided with a tunnel through which a nearby creek flows. “She was stranded around 20-25 feet in and clinging to the edge,” Peggy explained on Facebook.Her instincts told her she had to assist the small dog, but she was hesitant.She was afraid she’d startle the poor dog and send it deeper into the tunnel.That’s when she had an epiphany.She called the Woonsocket Police Department for help, and she was not disappointed.

Peggy then described what had happened, and the brave Officer was eager to help.”Without a second’s hesitation, he dove in and emerged with a very wet, scared small dog.”He’s a lucky dog, he’s a wonderful man.”We’re overjoyed that he was able to save the little girl,” Peggy added.Before entering the tunnel to save the tiny dog, the kind Officer removed his shoes and socks.

WJAR NBC10 spoke with the Officer, who stated, “As I got closer, I could see Cece just clinging to the side and trembling.””(The dog) was extremely, extremely terrified.”Given how terrified she was, the Officer took extra precautions to avoid scaring the tiny dog further down the tunnel.What he did next was amazing!He let Cece scent his fingers further into the tunnel until he was close enough to the terrified dog, then lifted her up!

“It almost appeared like she was saying thank you.” “She seemed to know I was there to help,” Brazil explained to WJAR NBC10.The lovely dog appears so affectionate and grateful to the attractive officer who saved her, as seen by the photo.After all, this dog wasn’t a stray after all. She came from a lovely household. Cece was the name of this adorable dog, according to another interview with WJAR NBC10.Cece’s owner, Michelle Perez, was overjoyed that her dog had been found. According to her story, her mother-in-law gave her the beautiful puppy, but it escaped the next day!

“She’s only 5 months old.”In an interview, Perez explained, “I couldn’t sleep.””I just kept driving around and contacting her.”Thanks to Peggy Edwards and the caring Officer Joe Brazil, Cece was rescued from the terrifying tunnel and reunited with her owner.We’re all relieved that Cece was rescued and returned to her human!