November 28, 2023


It’s so much fun to see these puppies having fun.When Mark Starmer grew up, he was not a dog person.In fact, his family had some rather conservative views on dogs.And you know what they say about people who aren’t fond of dogs.Starmer went on to practice law and then work in management development for a large international bank.After purchasing a stuffed toy for his son, he decided as an adult with children to purchase a Shar Pei puppy named Kaiti.His son despised the toy, which resembled a Shar Pei puppy.They decided to get an English Pointer to keep the dog company.They were then tasked with rescuing two French hunting dogs.

By that point, it was probably safe to say that Starmer was a dog person.Or, at the very least, a guy with some dogs.His friends thought he was insane for spending the money to transport his six dogs and two cats to Canada.Someone had left a dog at their gate when they arrived in Canada.When word got out that they had rescued that dog, people began asking them to rescue other dogs.It didn’t take long for them to have 19 dogs on their property.That figure has only continued to rise.Over the years, Starmer adopted more than 70 dogs.He went on to write a lengthy piece about it for Newsweek.



“Over the years, we’ve adopted 70 dogs.”If you count the ones we’ve found and retrieved for other people, we’ve actually rescued over 100.Sharon and I gradually realized that, while we were assisting many dogs, we could still do more.We had so much unutilized land that we began taking in farm animals,” Starmer wrote.

Stamer built a massive pen for all of the dogs in 2014, giving them plenty of room to run, play, and explore.Their reaction to being allowed into the sprawling fenced area is priceless.When someone opens the gate, the dogs charge out at full speed and begin to spill out onto the farm.



Tails were wagging, cheeks were flapping, and drool was whipping around in the wind.When dozens of dogs kept running toward him in waves, Starmer was almost knocked over.The dogs’ reaction to playing in their new pen was captured on video and has been viewed over 431,000 times on YouTube.

Starmer had more than 38 dogs and 90 farm animals on his property as of 2021.Some of the dogs on his property have given birth.However, Starmer claims that they have all been spayed and neutered at this point.None of his dogs are available for adoption; they are all treated as family members.They will all spend the rest of their lives on the property being cared for.

In the video below, you can see these happy dogs going for a run in their new pen.