November 28, 2023

Rescuer’s Plea For Shelter Dog Just Hours Away From Being Euthanized Inspires Christmas Miracle

A rescuer visited a high-kill shelter two days before Christmas and fell in love with a dog that was only a few hours away from being put to sleep. He had a bad case of mange, and his name is Stanley. This is a touching tale of rescue about “just one dog” who motivated others to band together to make a Christmas miracle happen.


This documentary describing the rescue of one dog is heartening. It demonstrates how “just one canine” motivated others to band together and create a Christmas sensation. A delivery person visited a high-kill refuge two days before Christmas and got in touch with a dog who was going to be put to sleep just hours later.

He had a bad case of mange, and his name is Stanley. He was scarcely able to open his eyes due to how awful it was. The delivery person could not stop thinking about the dog and made the decision to see what she could do to improve the dog’s lot in life.

A film of Stanley in the Los Angeles Sanctuary was created by Cathy Stanley of Camp Cocker Rescue. Stanley had to be pulled out by Cathy since she had no idea where he was headed. “I took him out and began him on his medical recuperation,” she remarked. Additionally, I created the “Just One Canine” movie in its entirety and began frantically mailing it out, asking people to assist me in finding a suitable delivery.

On Christmas Day, Dave Schofield of Respect-A-Bull, a foster dog named Terrier Deliverance on Vancouver Island in Canada, posted an online dispatch with Stanley’s tale after her footage and appeal went viral. After watching the clip, he and his wife Jo-Ann decided to assist.

On Christmas Day, Dave contacted Cathy and volunteered to pick up Stanley. a good enough plutocrat Stanley may be sent to Port Alberni, British Columbia, and placed in foster care because there are enough affluent people there!

After seeing the “Just one canine” videotape, the group saw a significant increase in the number of people who wanted to support Stanley. Funny enough, though, a couple who had never watched the DVD ended up marrying Stanley.

Josh and Teresa Caufield espoused Stanley because they were won over by Stanley’s happy and friendly personality.

Stanley’s time on death row is now a distant memory because he is now content with life and is liked by his new family. Camp Cocker and Respect-A-Bull have continued to collaborate to help preserve dogs like Stanley even since Stanley’s terrible delivery.