December 9, 2023

She was left on the street, dragging herself under raining and frozen begging for help to live

Mankind long ago ceased to be human. She is adamant that the stray is her home despite still only being a pup. She too had to pay a high price. She was struck by a car and is still being treated there. Then someone else planted it in the rain, close to a trash can, to betray it. She has been refusing.

Tanja Vidergar, a dog lover from Ljubljana, Slovenia, is in charge of a small group of volunteers that look for and rehome stray and abandoned animals there. They learned about her noble soul and resolved to help her.

“Those of us who must and want to make amends for the harm done to her There won’t be much we can correct this time. She can no longer clean herself because of her broken legs and wounded back, yet she still begs for life as she looks at us. stated Tanja Vidergar

Despite his terrible condition, the sad puppy was incredibly cute and had a distinctive blue eye, so they named her Blue.



How would you begin her tale? How is she going to get beyond all these major obstacles that a guy has put in her way? It’s unjust that neither her residence was near a road nor that she now has a handicap.

Blue was immediately transported to the vet. Unlucky creature is no longer alone itself. Each day, Little Blue costs more money. There are always individuals who don’t hold it against them when they help animals in need, despite the fact that they had run out of money for her routine medical care and treatments.

After ten days of care and treatment, Little Blue is getting better every day. They eagerly anticipated the time when tiny Blue would be able to walk by herself and spend the entire day playing with her best friend.

Little Blue was fully recovered after a month. She changed into a gorgeous and content dog. Little Blue deserved to live a good life after going through so many horrific things.