November 28, 2023

The dog’s scared and sad and doesn’t understand why her owner abandoned her after 7 years of living together

When a bunch of canines arrived at The Little Guild in West Cornwall, Connecticut from the overcrowded Habersham County Animal Shelter in Georgia, one dog in particular stood out. The employees of the shelter learned that Jodi’s distinctiveness had been noticed by everyone in Georgia when they spoke with the manager of the Habersham County shelter.

The Little Guild staffer Kelsey Turick said Jodi “meant a lot to the employees and volunteers from their shelter.” Volunteers cried when they heard that we would take Jodi in and find her a home.Jodi, who had spent the previous seven years living with her family, was sent to the shelter in Georgia. When she first came to The Little Guild, she was anxious and unclear of what was going on, and the staff members who welcomed her could see she didn’t know where her family had gone.

When she initially came, Turick remembered, “[she] was terribly terrified and all she wanted to do was go home.”

Dog Jodi, who is 7 years old, is the best ever. She enjoys children, pets, and cats. She likes to drive, go on walks, and unwind on the sofa. To your family, she would be a fantastic addition. We are in West Cornwall, Connecticut. For more information or to file an adoption application, go visit

Since then, Jodi has done a much better job of adjusting to her new surroundings and building relationships with staff and volunteers. Her great personality has been able to shine through as a result of her growing trust in her new friends, making everyone fall even more in love with her.

Turick says she has a great attitude and constantly wants to be around others.

She adores snuggling with you under a blanket and playing catch outside.

She still has a lot of energy and loves going for regular walks despite her advanced age.

She is a very exceptional young woman and essential to our family.

It’s incredible that Jodi hasn’t been adopted yet, especially considering how well she would fit in with practically any family. She adores children, cats, and other dogs and truly just wants to spend time with her loved ones whenever she can. She has received interest in adoption and a family is scheduled to meet her, so maybe her search for a home will be completed very soon.

All of Jodi’s friends, both in Georgia and Connecticut, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the appropriate family for her.