November 28, 2023

Coronel was left by his family when he was sick, they rescued him and now he lives as a king

They abandoned Coronel on the street and never talked to him again when he needed them the most owing to his condition with TVT (transmissible venereal tumor). Every time his health deteriorated, he thought that his family would once again adore him, but this never happened. Eventually, a foundation came to his aid, prevented his death, and gave him the finest family possible.

Caninos 911, Maber, president of the AC foundation. He was working out of Villahermosa, Mexico, when he learned of a dog that was very ill, had TVT, was bleeding, damaged, and unhappy; if only he had had a few more days, he would have crossed the rainbow, but it was not his time.

He was so devoted that even though they treated him with contempt after they learned that his family had taken him out, the neighbors continued to feed him until these savior angels took him out.

He had a family, but when he got sick, they just left him out there, and that broke my heart and made me so sad. Maber stated.

He had severe TVT when he was evaluated, so they started stabilizing his platelets and feeding him appropriately before starting his chemotherapies. The caretakers started to take care of and spoil this dog as though he were a child even though he was severely injured and unhappy.

He had therapy for a protracted period of time; they took him to his chemotherapies, and with the help of the medical professionals, he made improvement. He now had a happier, less sad appearance. His demeanor had altered.

Coronel hails from a perfect household.

He was already in good health and glad to be able to begin a new life when he was finally able to put an end to this ailment after much agony and suffering. The moment he received a sight of the ideal family, the family he had longed for so long, because they were destined to be, his pain instantly subsided.

He now leads a loving and compassionate life, and they even teach him to swim while taking him on adventures. There is almost never a day when he is not showered with kisses and embraced by his family, who are all focused on him.