December 9, 2023

Meet Sarge, the German shepherd caring for injured and orphaned animals

“This is Sarge. He helps save injured and orphaned wildlife in his area. I’m told he loves all animals, but he gets most attached to fawns.

Why wouldn’t you adore a German shepherd?
They make magnificent, nimble, and wonderful friends for both adults and children. In reality, among breeds of dogs that are highly renowned for their intellect is the German shepherd.
Given the right instruction from an early age, these intelligent puppies are capable of learning almost anything.
They are commonly given professions like herding, counseling, helping the blind, search and rescue, and even becoming official police officials because of this!
Most people are aware that German Shepherds can perform these kinds of activities and have even witnessed them in action.
But these incredible canines have also engaged in a variety of other odd professions and hobbies.
Tracking, dock diving, evaluating safety gear, and barn hunting are a few examples.
The majority of the typical and unusual tasks this breed is capable of are included in the German Shepherd Guide page under “Work, Sports, and Activities for the German Shepherd.”
Visit it, then come back to this story to hear about one of our dogs who is not on the list.
The list includes some incredible items that you simply wouldn’t imagine.
But clearly, a task was overlooked!
Most likely, you’ve never heard of a German Shepherd that aids in the rehabilitation of sick or injured animals.
This is the sergeant who, while on a routine house visit in Ohio, was surrounded by greenery.
There are many different animals living in the nearby forests, particularly deer. Sarge’s daily schedule is generally predictable, yet he
He has made friends with many of the guests who have stayed in his home and keeps them company while they workout the strength to return to the wild.
As you’ll see in these pictures, he never hesitates to share his food, blankets or maybe his favorite napping spots.
The deer in the picture below looks particularly comfortable, all because of Sarge! How adorable!
These friends of various species are just the sweetest thing. It’s easy to tell that the young deer are safe and happy sharing a lebensraum with Sarge.
In nature, fawns usually stick with their mothers for a year or more before they’re strong enough to defend themselves, so when something happens to separate them from their parent’s watchful eye someone must step in.
It’s a lucky thing that Sarge has such an enormous heart! What an admirable and dedicated dog! Imagine a world where a citizens is as willing to assist and share with others in need.
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