November 27, 2023

Kind Man Takes His Paralyzed German Shepherd For A Walk Everyday

These pictures of how much this man loves his dog are worth far more than a thousand words. They embody what true love and loyalty between dog and owner should be.

For dog lovers, dogs are family. From the day they come into our homes, they are meant to be cared for with love and dignity until they take their final breath as they cross the rainbow bridge.

That includes taking care of them as they age or when they get sick. So, when Bryan Thompson was out walking in Shubie Park Dartmouth, Massachusetts, his attention was drawn to a man wheeling a dog around in a wagon.

Curious as to why the white German shepherd, wrapped in blankets on that cold day, was in the wagon, he approached the man and introduced himself. The man with the dog explained that his dog suffered from degenerative myelopathy and could no longer walk on her own.

He went on to share that degenerative myelopathy or DM is a progressive disease that affects the spinal cord, resulting in slow progressive hind limb weakness and paralysis. Although cruel, the disease isn’t painful unless accompanied by another condition, such as arthritis.

Although the man’s beloved pup could no longer walk in the park that she loved so much on her own, the man continued to take her for walks every day so that she could enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery from the safety of her wagon.

The man continued to share how he took her out walking every day, and that he was sure if the roles were reversed, she’d do the same for him. Thompson was so moved by the story and the love this owner had for his friend, Thompson took pictures of them and shared them on Facebook.

The photos truly are a representation of the beautiful bond this dog and owner share.