December 8, 2023

Small Chihuahua Stored From Dumpster Resting Now In Safe Arms

A santa rosa junior university employee observed a -pound deserted injured pup in a automobile parking space near the university on 27th of october. Sadly, the poor chihuahua’s front legs had been broken leaving it in a variety of pain! Luckily, the lovely doggy turned into taken to be medicated at the sonoma county animal offerings, where they put 2 purple casts on her legs!

The chihuahua, who became renamed as darla changed into just 14 weeks old with just 2lbs weight! She underwent a surgical operation to restore her legs, and was expected to make a full recovery.

The best news was that she was fostered to retain her restoration method, and might be available for adoption as soon as she become completely healed, in line with dr. Dan famini, who shared her story on line. What a satisfied ending! Watch the video underneath.