November 28, 2023

A Man Brings An Abandoned Dog To A Pet shop And Buys Everything The Dog Touches




Rocky Kanaka is back at it, and this time he has made the decision to take King, a stray dog, to a pet store where he will buy King anything he touches! King lost a limb after being hit by a car and abandoned at first, but he is now doing well. He only requires a forever home, but first, a royal-quality canine shopping extravaganza!

Rocky takes King to the neighborhood Petco with the purpose of buying the dog practically everything he sees. To say that this dog was excited would be an understatement—he had never been in a pet store and definitely had never seen a toy before!

Rocky actually meant it when he stated he’d buy the dog anything. Even that giant cat tower! What a wonderful thing to do for a dog in need. See the video in full below — it’s the best!