November 28, 2023

Stray Mother Cat Brings All Her Babies To Woman Who Gave Her Foot And Helped Her


You surely know what ‘perfect pairing’ is, means when two things are combined together and make the surprising outcome, and these Russian feline ladies are the living proof! People have been devoting lots of sweet compliments for the most beautiful twin cats in the world who have the same heterochromatic eyes, meaning that they are of different colour, e.g., one of the eyes might be green and the other might be blue or brown. They are adopted by a cat dad Pavel Dyagilev who is Sankt Petersburg-based when they were just only 3 months old. With the effortless beauty, Iriss and Abyss quickly have dominated almost 200,000 hearts and still counting on Instagram.

“Breeds like Turkish Vans, Angoras, and many others are often confused with us. However, we might disappoint you. There’s a name for it: “crossbred” or “metis.” This has to be the wonder of Mother Nature that we were born blond with heterochromia. Our mom is white, and dad is white and black.” – A lucky cat daddy exposed the truth when so many people asked him about the breed that these two gorgeous own back in 2016. “Both these purebred cats are the product of generic distribution. However, the truth that we are not a unique breed and still have all of these incredible characteristics is absolutely amazing! It is like one in millions! And we consider ourselves very lucky that we got the opportunity!”

He fell in love with Iris and the Abyss as soon as he saw a picture of two princesses in an advertisement posted online. He soon adopted them and decided to share his beauty with the world via Instagram. Despite of having the same appearance, Iriss and Abyss still have some featured different personalities according to Pavel. Iriss is “more easy-going”, while Abyss has the personality of a “true diva” and she will only interact with selective people only when she wants to.

Legend says the eyes of different colors allow both people and animals to see two worlds – the living and the dead. All we can see in this article is the prettiest full-on white kitties!